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  • A new antivirus engine (DrWeb).
  • A new antivirus engine (TrendMicro).
  • A Vagrant image (virtualbox) to test locally the product.


  • Add config option to choose log level.
  • Add various labels to k8s manifests and enforce resource req and limits.
  • Create seconday indexes for couchbase n1ql queries.
  • Replaced CircleCI with Github actions for unit testing go packages.
  • Force fail multiav docker build if eicar scanning fails.
  • Display only enabled antivirus thanks to @nikAizuddin: #248
  • Use specific Kubectl version.
  • Remove none driver support for minikube and replace it with kind.
  • Bump cert-manager, EKF, Prometheus, ingress-nginx, minio and efs-provionner, couchbase helm chart versions.
  • Retry building UI/Backend/MultiAV/Consumer docker imgs one more time when failed.
  • Improve the CONTRIBUTING doc.


  • Force lower case a sha256 hash before search in Backend thanks to @hotail
  • AV_LIST variable in multiav mk was override somewhere thanks to @najashark


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