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capa v7.1.0


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The v7.1.0 release brings large performance improvements to capa's rule matching engine.
Additionally, we've fixed various bugs and added new features for people using and developing capa.

This capa version now supports Python 3.12.

Special thanks to our repeat and new contributors:

New Features

New Rules (25)

Bug Fixes

capa explorer IDA Pro plugin

  • replace deprecated IDA API find_binary with bin_search #1606 @s-ff


  • ci: Fix PR review in the changelog check GH action #2004 @Ana06
  • ci: use rules number badge stored in our bot gist and generated using schneegans/dynamic-badges-action #2001 capa-rules#882 @Ana06
  • ci: update github workflows to use latest version of actions that were using a deprecated version of node #1967 #2003 capa-rules#883 @sjha2048 @Ana06
  • ci: update binja version to stable 4.0 #2016 @xusheng6
  • ci: update github workflows to reflect the latest ghidrathon installation and bumped up jep, ghidra versions #2020 @psahithireddy
  • ci: include rule caching in PyInstaller build process #2097 @s-ff
  • add deptry support #1497 @s-ff

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