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  1. Update frida-gum Download
  2. Update frida-core Download
  3. See https://frida.re/news/ for details. Download
  4. Added A new antivirus engine (DrWeb). A new antivirus engine (TrendMicro). A Vagrant image (virtualbox) to test locally the product. Changed Add config option to choose log level. Add various labels to k8s manifests and enforce resource req and limits. Create seconday indexes for couchbase n1ql queries. Replaced CircleCI with Github actions for unit testing go packages. Force fail multiav docker build if eicar scanning fails. Display only enabled antivirus thanks to @nikAizuddin: #248 Use specific Kubectl version. Remove none driver support for minikube and replace it with kind. Bump cert-mana
  5. Update submodules Download
  6. New Language Features C# 9.0: record classes C# 9.0: with expressions C# 9.0: primary constructors General Removed the dependency on Humanizer (see #2232 and #2235) Updated ReadyToRun (see #2238, by @cshung) UI Improvements Added setting highlight the current line in the code view (see #2224, by @DickvdBrink) Fix #2205: About page should always be opened in a new tab. Bug fixes Fix #1079: CSharpFormattingOptions.AutoPropertyFormatting has no effect Fix #2222: switch-expression does not support implicit conversions. #2241: Fix possible NRE in TypeProvider.GetTypeFromReference Fix #2233: Resourc
  7. No content. Download
  8. Update frida-gum Download
  9. Happy 1st Birthday IntelOwl! The gift is a new major release 🚀 BREAKING CHANGES: moved docker and docker-compose files under docker/ folder. users upgrading from previous versions need to manually move env_file_app, env_file_postgres and env_file_integrations files under docker/. users are to use the new start.py method to build or start IntelOwl containers moved the following analyzers together in a specific optional docker container named static_analyzers. Capa PeFrame Strings_Info_Classic (based on flarestrings) Strings_Info_ML (based on stringsifter) Please see docs to understand how to
  10. Updated 9.2.2 Change History Download
  11. [pkg/utils] add helper func to check if file/dir exists Download
  12. Fix: issues with some rule updates causing problems when rules contain different types of line breaks Download
  13. See https://frida.re/news/ for details. Download
  14. Update submodules Download
  15. See https://frida.re/news/ for details. Download
  16. Set version 9.2.1 Download
  17. Too many improvements to list, but a few highlights include: Massively improved theming! Fixed gnome-terminal support Fixed konsole support Improved version checking API Fixed an issue with 32-bit address display on 64-bit builds Improved how plugin paths are handled Thanks to all contributors! As with previous releases, unfortunately, the automatically generated .zip and .tar.gz files that github generates don't include sub-modules. So please use the edb-debugger-1.3.0.tgz tarball that I've attached, which should have included all submodules needed for compilation. Download
  18. Bump toolchains and SDKs to 20201208 Download
  19. Bump version Download
  20. Numerous bug fixes Many additional APIs emulated Further COM support Download
  21. Bump toolchains and SDKs to 20201202 Download
  22. Bump toolchains and SDKs to 20201201 Download
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