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  1. [pkg/ml] add unit test Download
  2. [pkg/ml] fix server Download
  3. Added API documentation with both Redoc and OpenAPI Format NEW INBUILT ANALYZERS: added ThreatFox Abuse.ch analyzer for observables added GreyNoise Community analyzer for IP addresses added FireHol analyzer to detect malicious IP addresses added SSAPINet analyzer to capture a screenshot of a web page added optional Google Rendertron analyzer to capture a screenshot of a web page without using an external source (this won't leak the URL externally like the previous one) added IBM X-Force Exchange analyzer for observables added Google Web Risk analyzer, an alternative of GoogleSafeBrowsing for
  4. [pkg/consumer] add devcontainer Download
  5. See https://frida.re/news/ for details. Download
  6. Many more APIs now emulated Command line debugger added Bug fixes Hooking improvements Download
  7. This release includes the initial implementations for group policy, user vs. machine scope, and search against a REST source. Group Policy will be implemented via ADMX Ingestion. The .admx and .adml files will be provided in the next release of the Windows Package Manager preview. Some packages support one or more installation scopes. Settings and a command line argument have been added to specify either "User" or "Machine" for manifests with the proper values and configuration. Additional details available in the PR #819 Settings and command line argument for specifying scope. Third party
  8. [pkg/ml] ML PE classifier result in its own pkg Download
  9. v1.6.2 (2021-04-13) This release backports a fix to capa 1.6: The Windows binary was built with Python 3.9 which doesn't support Windows 7. Bug Fixes build: use Python 3.8 for PyInstaller to support consistently running across multiple operating systems including Windows 7 @mr-tz @Ana06 Raw diffs capa v1.6.1...v1.6.2 capa-rules v1.6.1...v1.6.2 Download
  10. April 2021 Release with improvements that include: better performance by improving caching system better Qemu-user support made the code more Python3 friendly some UI improvements Enjoy 🍻 Download
  11. General Dark mode! (big thank you to @tom-englert in #2347) Building ILSpy for .NET 5 is now possible (see multitargeting.props.template) Added inline display of CustomDebugInformation table entries in metadata Add metadata tree nodes for blob, guid, string and user string heap Contributions Performance improvements in DataGrid filter (thanks to @tom-englert) Adjust fitness calculation for destructors (by @MikeFH in #2344) Refactored insertion of search results (by @MikeFH in #2335) Use correct URL format in Search MSDN command (by @yyjdelete in #2343) Warning fixes (by @riQQ in #2345) Fixed C
  12. [pkg/consumer] make consumer a go mod Download
  13. v1.6.1 (2021-04-07) This release includes several bug fixes, such as a vivisect issue that prevented capa from working on Windows with Python 3. It also adds 17 new rules and a bunch of improvements in the rules and IDA rule generator. We appreciate everyone who opened issues, provided feedback, and contributed code and rules. Upcoming changes This is the very last capa release that supports Python 2. The next release will be v2.0 and will have breaking changes, including the removal of Python 2 support. New features explorer: add support for multi-line tab and SHIFT + Tab #474 @mike-hunhoff
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