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NoREpls - Part 2

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Continuando os desafios


edgyReggie has looked over the previous thread once again and has thought that using such an easy encoding method just isn’t going to cut it. He has created a new serial number and obfuscated it yet again, and is confident that nobody can find it. He has also noticed that people have been complaining about the lack of persistence of the registration and has addressed the issue. One thing that edgyReggie is very concerned about is that crackers are defacing his software and removing his name, thus destroying even his reputation on top of his earnings! He will be thinking very hard for a solution to fix this problem…

Author Assigned Level: Newbie
Community Assigned Level:

Your goal is to achieve the “full” version of the software, i.e. removing all nags that you see and unlocking all features of the program.
Your secondary (optional) goal is to discover the new serial number.

Rules of Engagement

Revised version 1.2.1

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