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rehex 0.2.0

Fernando Mercês

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  • Allow copying comments from a document and pasting them elsewhere in the
    same document or into another one.

  • Fixed bounds check when clicking on nested comments in a document.

  • Added context menu when right clicking on a comment in a document.

  • Optionally highlight byte sequences which match the current selection.
    ("Highlight data matching selection" or "PatternMatchHighlight").

  • Allow copying cursor offset from document context menu.

  • Correctly display offsets over 4GiB in the status bar.

  • Display offsets as XXXX:XXXX rather than XXXXXXXX:XXXXXXXX when the file
    size is under 4GiB.

  • Add per-document option for dec/hex offset display.

  • When first byte after a comment is deleted, show that the comment was
    deleted rather than leaving phantom comment on screen until regions are

  • Add side-by-side comparison of chunks of data from files. Select data and
    choose "Compare..." from context menu to open diff window.

  • Clean up search threads when a tab is closed while a search is running.

  • Display bytes which have been modified since the file was saved in red.

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