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DRAKVUF Sandbox v0.11.1

Fernando Mercês

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Installation guide: See Basic installation section in README.md.


  • drakrun: attach snapshot modification time to analysis reports (#280)
  • drakcore: Add local SQLite db for caching analysis data (#298)

Bug fixes:

  • drakcore: don't display broken analyses in the web UI (#278)
  • fix DRAKVUF log parsing, bump DRAKVUF (#276)
  • fix errors in examples/push_sample (#286)
  • drakcore: better logging in log postprocessing (#288)
  • drakcore: remove empty directory (#289)
  • draksetup mount: allow to use relative path, default to vm-0 (#294)
  • block plugins introducing instability: dkommon, envmon (#299)
  • fix MinIO credential generation on drakcore installation (#290)
  • bump DRAKVUF to commit f38258 (#302)
  • bump DRAKVUF (change default scheduler to sched=credit) (#311)
  • drakrun: Less logs on parse failure (#310)


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