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Saferwall v0.0.2

Fernando Mercês

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  • Add a cmd tool to batch upload files.
  • Add s3upload pkg to simplify mass-uploading of files into s3.
  • Add upload pkg to simplify uploading a local database of samples to saferwall.
  • Add Kibana / ElasticSearch / FileBeat helm chart.
  • Add Prometheus Operator helm chart.


  • Add nfs-server-provisionner for local testing in minikube.
  • Improve the building process documentation thanks to Jameel Haffejee.
  • Reworked to file tags schema.
  • Improve the rendering of the landing page.
  • Fix phrasing in README from @bf.
  • Fix recover from panic routine in parse-pe in consumer.
  • Add exception catching in strings pkg.
  • Add ContextLogger in consumer to always log sha256.


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