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ILSpy 7.0 Preview 1

Fernando Mercês

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Important note for consumers of our ICSharpCode.Decompiler NuGet package: we have aligned our dependencies with Roslyn 3.8.0, see #2173

New Language Features

  • Add support for .NET 5 custom calling conventions.
  • Improved support for Unsafe-intrinsics

UI Improvements

  • .NET bundles and Nuget packages are now directly embedded in the tree view.


  • Improved project/solution decompilation (see #2186, by @wwh1004)
  • Support for .NET bundles (see #2191)
  • Supports code generated by Roslyn 3.8.0

Bug fixes

  • Fix #2192: Add support for VB.NET delegate construction
  • Fix #2195: foreach loop conversion accidentally removes end container labels
  • Fix #2197: .NET 5 RC2: "Analyze/Used By" throws BadImageFormatException
  • Fix #2196: Add support for extern local functions.
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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