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ILSpy 7.0 Preview 2


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New Language Features

  • C# 9.0: record classes
  • C# 9.0: with expressions
  • C# 9.0: primary constructors


UI Improvements

  • Added setting highlight the current line in the code view (see #2224, by @DickvdBrink)
  • Fix #2205: About page should always be opened in a new tab.

Bug fixes

  • Fix #1079: CSharpFormattingOptions.AutoPropertyFormatting has no effect
  • Fix #2222: switch-expression does not support implicit conversions.
  • #2241: Fix possible NRE in TypeProvider.GetTypeFromReference
  • Fix #2233: ResourcesFileTreeNode no longer creates child nodes for BAML files
  • Fix #2230: do not emit directly consecutive null propagation operators.
  • Fix #603: Single element arrays should not span multiple lines
  • Fixed crash when loading DLLs with invalid sections in their .deps.json (see #2227, by @bernd5)
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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