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Windows Package Manager v0.2.2941 Preview


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The reference to the JSON schema has been added to the default schema (for new installs only). You can add the following line to your settings file after the first open curly brace "{"

"$schema": "https://aka.ms/winget-settings.schema.json",

If you are using Visual Studio Code, you will see support for the JSON settings. We also fixed a bug affecting the layout of extended characters.

We're working on list and upgrade. They are available as experimental features, but they are not complete. List will display MSIX Apps regardless of how they were installed on the system. Upgrade has meta-data dependencies in the manifest. Without "PackageFamilyName" and "ProductCode" in the manifest, no upgrades will show as available.

Once list is complete, it will show all applications installed on your system. It may also help determine the proper values to add for "PackageFamilyName" and "ProductCode".

We have also added the file "Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller.SHA256.txt" to this release. It contains the SHA256 for the appxbundle in this release. We are doing this as an example of how we might support #568 "Include checksums in the GitHub releases".

New Features

#119 Added Experimental support for List Installed Apps
#120 Added Experimental support to Upgrade an Installed App


#562 Fix alignment of table output with extended characters


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