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Windows Package Manager v0.1.42101 Preview


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This update will allow you to:
winget install git or winget install powershell

The default behavior for the commands above requires a case insensitive match with a package by Id, Name, or Moniker. If you specify which field with an argument, you can make it even more specific. You can use the show command to play around with it as it uses the same semantics to find a package without the need to cancel the install.

We've also added a feature toggle mechanism so you can enable or disable experimental features.
winget features will provide a list of features and their status

The first bit of work towards installing apps from the Microsoft Store has started.


#460 Feature toggle
#493 Implement store app installation from manifest

Bug Fixes

#292 winget should install an app if there is an exact match (eg 'git')
#481 Further source integrity checks
#488 Enable Control Flow Guard
#482 Block elevated process from overriding hash mismatch
#492 Change show and install to use a narrower search


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