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CAPA Windows Terminal v1.4.3141.0


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This release brings all of the preview changes in Windows Terminal 1.4 to the stable channel. Notable changes include:

  • Jump list support! You can now right-click Terminal in the taskbar and launch a profile directly.
  • Applications can now generate hyperlinks that you'll actually be able to click on.
    • This is NOT the same thing as automatic hyperlink detection! Automatic detection is available in Windows Terminal 1.5 (Preview).

For more information, see the 1.4 preview release notes.

A preinstallation kit is available for system integrators and OEMs interested in prepackaging Windows Terminal with a Windows image. More information is available in the DISM documentation on preinstallation. Users who do not intend to preinstall Windows Terminal should continue using the msixbundle distribution.

We've also backported the following changes and bug fixes from Windows Terminal Preview v1.5.3142.0:


  • The tab switcher now defaults to Most-Recently Used (MRU) order (#7952)
  • While you're using the tab switcher, you can now actually see the tab you'll be switching to! (#7796)
  • We will now warn you if the keyboard service is disabled (#8095), because that makes it impossible to type into Terminal
  • You can now zoom a split pane to be the only pane visible in its tab using the togglePaneZoom action (#6989) (#7973)
  • Double-middle-clicking on the taskbar preview will now close Terminal, even if it is asking you if you really are sure (thanks @rhorber!) (#7871)
  • We will now inform you, using a tooltip, that holding Alt while selecting a profile opens a new pane (#7866)
  • The hyperlink underline is now far less obtrusive than it was before (#8148)
  • The "Open Windows Terminal Here" shell extension will now use WT's icon (#8068)

Command Palette

  • PgUp/PgDown and Home/End now work more reasonably in the command palette (thanks @Hegunumo!) (#7835) with a bugfix from @Don-Vito (#8190)

Code Hygiene

  • We've removed some dead code pertaining to Telnet support and shrunk our binary by a few hundred kilobytes (#7840)
  • We have hooked up some more robust error reporting so we can help diagnose crashes more quickly (#7864)

Bug Fixes

  • Keyboard keys that are not generated by actual keyboards (hi AutoHotKey and PowerToys) will no longer be ignored (thanks @lhecker!) (#7900)
  • The tab color picker should no longer get stuck if you enter #000000 (thanks @alannt777!) (#7963)
    • Bonus: you can now more easily set the brightness!
  • The top border should no longer disappear when you're in focus mode (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8140)
  • PrintScreen should no longer clear your text selection (which was an entirely silly thing for it to do) (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#7883)
  • We will no longer force all your terminal windows to activate when you save your settings file (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#7887)
  • alwaysOnTop actually works now. Yeah, I know how that sounds. (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8125)
  • It should be more difficult to get floating context menus when you drag the window (thanks @mpela81!) (#8010)
  • Resizing the window should no longer cause us to recycle hyperlink IDs (#8074)
  • Failure to write to your settings file is no longer considered fatal (#7950)
  • Some of you reported that clicking on links made Terminal hang! You may be surprised to find that that was not our intent. We've fixed that. (#8087)
  • Key bindings will now consume dead keys, which means that you can now bind them to do more important things (as in #5784) (thanks @lhecker!) (#7686)
  • We've improved the contrast ratio of the shortcut text in the command palette (#7937)
  • The jump list will now display profile icons even if they have forward slashes in them (#7711)
  • Accessibility: we should no longer crash when a screen reader or UIA client expands a text range at the end of the buffer (#7677) (#7792) or when it moves back to a previous word sometimes (#7770) or when it's scrolled into view (#7868)
  • Accessibility: out-of-bounds text should no longer cause a crash (thanks @codeofdusk!) (#8052)

VT fixes

  • The unfortunate combination of OSC 52 (the mechanism used by tmux et al. to set the clipboard) and high Unicode should no longer result in utterly garbled text (thanks @amaya382!) (#7870)
  • Empty cells covered by an app-defined hyperlink will now no longer be ignored when rendering (#7738)
  • App-defined hyperlinks with the same ID but different URLs are now actually considered to be different links (#7940)


  • Opening and closing tabs when you have far too many profiles should no longer send the Terminal out for a coffee break (#7993)
  • Launching Terminal with embarrassingly many tabs should only take about half as long now, as we'll populate the jumplist more conservatively (#7978)
  • Accessibility: moving to the next word using a screen reader should be much faster (#7789)

Changes to the WPF Control

  • The WPF control now supports AutoFill, which allows the control container to resize without resizing the terminal itself (#7853) (#7983) (#7892)


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