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Windows Package Manager v0.2.10771 Preview


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This release includes a few new features as well as some improvements and bug fixes.

The most noteworthy new experimental feature is winget import. You can pass a properly formatted JSON file using import, and the Windows Package Manager will install multiple packages with one command. Note: some packages trigger a reset in the shell or terminal so you will see an incorrect failure notification. In the event one of theses packages is included in an import, the import command will not finish unless it is the last package installed.

Known packages are:

  • Microsoft.PowerShell
  • Microsoft.PowerShell-Preview
  • Microsoft.WindowsTerminal
  • Microsoft.WindowsTerminalPreview

Users can now opt-out of Windows Package Manager telemetry using winget settings. The Windows telemetry settings still take precedence if they are disabled.

The Windows Package Manager validation command has been updated to support the new v1.0 manifest schemas.

Some packages return a non-zero success code after the package has been installed. Once the v1.0 manifest schemas are in place, these non-zero success codes can be added to manifests and client will no longer report an install failure if one is returned.

New Features

#137 Support non-zero exit codes as success (requires manifest version 1.0)
#220 Added Experimental support to import multiple packages from a file
#279 Opt-Out of Telemetry
#740 Support for manifest v1.0 schema validation

Bug Fixes

#794 The Experimental Upgrade command now correctly selects the latest version of a package


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