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ILSpy 7.0 RC1


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  • Dark mode! (big thank you to @tom-englert in #2347)
  • Building ILSpy for .NET 5 is now possible (see multitargeting.props.template)
  • Added inline display of CustomDebugInformation table entries in metadata
  • Add metadata tree nodes for blob, guid, string and user string heap


Bug fixes

  • PDBGen: Ignore duplicated ILFunctions (see 5a8b488)
  • #2314: ILSpy incorrectly resolves a runtime dependency when dll is present in both WindowsDesktop.App and NETCore.App
  • #1648 and #2133: Use simple assembly names for KnownThings to allow the resolver to use the relative framework version.
  • #2349: Use proper ExpressionType with DynamicCompoundAssign.
  • #1512: XmlDocumentationProvider Unable to load some XML files to have special characters
  • #2342: Do not generate empty names for foreach loop variables.
  • #2340: Do not traverse assemblies with load errors in AssemblyList.GetAllAssemblies()
  • #2356: Can't navigate if switch language in Analyze panel.
  • Improved decompilation of rethrow/throw and finally blocks in async methods. (see #1749, #2339 and #2353)
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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