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Windows Package Manager v0.2.10971 Preview


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This release includes the initial implementations for group policy, user vs. machine scope, and search against a REST source.

Group Policy will be implemented via ADMX Ingestion. The .admx and .adml files will be provided in the next release of the Windows Package Manager preview.

Some packages support one or more installation scopes. Settings and a command line argument have been added to specify either "User" or "Machine" for manifests with the proper values and configuration. Additional details available in the PR #819 Settings and command line argument for specifying scope.

Third party repositories will be enabled via a REST API. This release includes the second round of implementation work which includes the ability to search for packages against a REST based source. A reference implementation will be provided in a different open-source repository in the coming months.

New Features

#154 Support for Group Policy Management
#149 User vs. System installation (non MSIX)
#118 Added Experimental support for Repository REST API


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