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IntelOwl API docs, 7 new analyzers, dependency upgrades and other adjusts


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  • added ThreatFox Abuse.ch analyzer for observables
  • added GreyNoise Community analyzer for IP addresses
  • added FireHol analyzer to detect malicious IP addresses
  • added SSAPINet analyzer to capture a screenshot of a web page
  • added optional Google Rendertron analyzer to capture a screenshot of a web page without using an external source (this won't leak the URL externally like the previous one)
  • added IBM X-Force Exchange analyzer for observables
  • added Google Web Risk analyzer, an alternative of GoogleSafeBrowsing for commercial purposes


  • A lot of dependency upgrades and clean up of unnecessary ones
  • refactor to some APIs + added tests for untested APIs
  • adjustments to MISP, OTX and Cymru analyzers


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