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oletools v0.54


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Main changes in oletools 0.54:

  • olevba, msodde: added support for encrypted MS Office files
  • olevba: added detection and extraction of XLM/XLF Excel 4 macros
  • olevba, mraptor: added detection of VBA running Excel 4 macros
  • olevba: detect and display special characters such as backspace
  • olevba: colorized output showing suspicious keywords in the VBA code
  • olevba, mraptor: full Python 3 compatibility, no separate olevba3/mraptor3 anymore
  • olevba: improved handling of code pages and unicode
  • olevba: fixed a false-positive in VBA macro detection
  • rtfobj: improved OLE Package handling, improved Equation object detection
  • oleobj: added detection of external links to objects in OpenXML
  • replaced third party packages by PyPI dependencies

How to install with pip: https://github.com/decalage2/oletools/wiki/Install


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