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Windows Package Manager v0.4.11391 Preview


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This release includes improvements for the correlation between manifests in the community repository and entries in Add / Remove Programs. We've also added a hash for the manifest itself to ensure the chain of trust with the PreIndexed package (default source). Several features have moved from experimental to released including "list", "upgrade", "uninstall", and "export".

New Features

#959 Ensure chain of trust with packaged index
#118 Repository REST API
#120 Upgrade an installed App
#220 Export/Import apps list
#121 Uninstall an Installed App
#119 List installed Apps
#151 Support Delivery Optimization

Bug Fixes

#723 commands not showing with white cmd background
#955 Name and Publisher Correlation in CompositeSource
#966 Fix a few polish Items
#973 Fix for a bug, DO timeout to 60 seconds, minor version bump


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