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ILSpy 7.1


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  • Adjusted pattern detection for Roslyn 3.10

Cross-platform support

  • Fix #2417: ilspycmd is crashing if no valid ICU package is found.
  • Fix DotNetCorePathFinder on Unix systems: realpath always returned garbage
  • Fix #2358: use current Path.DirectorySeparatorChar instead of hard-coded backslashes.


Bug fixes

  • #2392: Avoid some redundant casts with the ?: operator.
  • #2398: TranslateCondition: truncate condition value if necessary
  • #2391: mark method as unsafe when passing null to a parameter of pointer type.
  • #2396: Extend the #1903 workaround to unconstrained generic types.
  • #2389: missing extern keyword for properties and events.
  • #2395: Do not use for->foreach transform if collection is not an array.
  • #2390: Add support for generic object initializers.
  • #2390: Make sure all unused captured variables are removed even in lambdas.
  • #2407: Operator '-' cannot be applied to operand of type 'nuint'
  • #2354: decompilation of unary and binary operators with nullable value types.
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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