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Saferwall v0.1.0


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  • ML PE classifier(private) and string ranker.
  • docker-compose and .devcontainer to ease development.
  • A portable executable (PE) file parser.
  • A UI for displaying PE parsing results.
  • gib: a package to detect gibberish strings.
  • bytestats: a package that implements byte and entropy statistics for binary files.
  • cli utility to interact with saferwall web apis.
  • sdk2json: a package to convert Win32 API definitions to JSON format.


  • Consumer docker image is separated to a base image and an app image.
  • Refactor consumer and make it a go module.
  • [Helm] reduce minio MEM request, ES and Kibana CPU request to half a core.
  • [Helm] bump chart dependency modules.
  • [pkg/consumer] add context timeout to multiav scan gRPC API.
  • Move the website, the dashboard and the web apis projects to a separate git repos.
  • Improvement in CI/CD pipeline: include code coverage, test only changed modules & running custom github action runners.


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