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ILSpy 7.2 Preview 1


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New Language Features

  • Adjusted pattern detection for Roslyn 3.11
  • C# 7.0 pattern matching
  • C# 9 covariant returns


Visual Studio AddIn

  • Allow to open ILSpy on project and package references


  • Add "Extract package entry" context menu entry for binaries inside bundles/packages.
  • Better support for voice commands/keyboard navigation.
  • Proper support for long paths in Windows 10 in WholeProjectDecompiler.
  • IL disassembly: Option to show raw offsets and instruction bytes.
  • IL disassembly: Show header sizes.
  • Add simple public API for XamlDecompiler

Bug fixes

  • #2379: This fixes an issue where return statements within try-blocks could turn into goto statements.
  • #2052: BAML-to-XAML: Resolve namespaces of properties
  • #1858 and #2188: Improved decompilation of display-classes.
  • #2424: Suppress the string==null special-case within the string class itself.
  • #2092: aggressively inline code in compiler-generated lambdas and expression trees.
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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