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ILSpy 7.2 Preview 2


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New Language Features

  • C# 9.0 skip locals init


Visual Studio AddIn


  • Added ETW instrumentation to the decompiler for performance measurements.
  • Added DecompilerTypeSystem.CreateAsync to allow asynchronous initialization.
  • #2522: Support backticks in fully-qualified names when searching for type
  • #2520: The matched pairs are hardly visible in the dark theme
  • #2298: Allow to change the DecompilerTextView's font size through scrolling.

Bug fixes

  • #2518: "Other resources" section in resource files was not properly displayed
  • #2534: Handle default implementations of properties and events in interfaces
  • #2458, #2459: Fixed various correctness issues in IL code generated by C++/CLI.
  • #2530: Stability fixes in pattern matching detection
  • #2378: Stability fixes in deconstruction detection
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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