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Saferwall v0.2.0


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[0.2.0] - 25/11/2021


  • Unit tests for ASCII & Unicode strings and AV label pkg.
  • [exiftool] ELF binary testcases.
  • [yara]: implement yara scanner and update go package version.
  • [kubernetes] AWS spot instance template.
  • Introduce a new package for virt-manager.


  • [magic] Handle case where input is empty.
  • [magic] fix out of bounds errors due to file help output on null input.


  • Move cli to a separate github repository
  • Clean up package tests + add tests for HashBytes func.
  • Update crypto functions to follow idiomatic initialisms.
    -[bytestats] remove python3 poc + use package fixtures for testing.
  • Using zap instead of logrus and asbtract the logging code.
  • Asbtract access to object storage and to the database.
  • Move the multiav package to a separate repo.
  • Separate the consumer into different services (orchestrator, aggregator, pe, metadata, multiav, ML, post-processor).
  • Use external NSQ helm chart.


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