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ILSpy 7.2 Preview 4


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New Language Features

  • C# 8.0: stackalloc in nested contexts



  • Updated AvalonEdit and other Nuget packages
  • Added hyperlinks to metadata explorer tables
  • Assembly resolver: GetReferenceAssemblyPath now picks closest available version
  • Improved performance of LoadedAssembly.GetTargetFrameworkId, LoadedAssembly.GetRuntimePackAsync and others
  • #2368: Dim namespaces containing only internal types
  • Improved window menu
  • #2608: Support for submenu items
  • Added "Copy results" menu item to Analyzer

Bug fixes

  • #2579: Use "ILSpyInstance" mutex to wait until the first ILSpy instance is ready to receive WM_COPYDATA.
  • #2615: Overflow check did not work reliably due to fp rounding error.
  • #2612: Decompilation of newarr with int.MaxValue causes OOME.
  • #2622: Fix crash in ExpressionBuilder when decompiling object initializer composed of readonly properties.
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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