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ILSpy 7.2


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New Language Features

  • C# 7.0 pattern matching
  • C# 8.0 stackalloc in nested contexts
  • C# 9.0 skip locals init
  • C# 9 covariant returns
  • C# 10 file-scoped namespace declarations
  • C# 10 abstract static interface members
  • Updated pattern detection for Roslyn 4.0
  • Updated pattern detection for Mono C# compiler 5.x
  • Updates pattern detection for Roslyn 3.11



  • Assembly resolver: GetReferenceAssemblyPath now picks closest available version
  • #1175: Added inassembly: and innamespace: search predicates
  • #2298: Allow to change the DecompilerTextView's font size through scrolling.
  • #2404: Cache decompilation results when switching tabs
  • Better support for voice commands/keyboard navigation
  • Proper support for long paths in Windows 10 in WholeProjectDecompiler.
  • #2608: Support for submenu items
  • Added hyperlinks to metadata explorer tables
  • Add simple public API for XamlDecompiler
  • Improved performance of LoadedAssembly.GetTargetFrameworkId, LoadedAssembly.GetRuntimePackAsync and others
  • #2368: Dim namespaces containing only internal types
  • Improved window menu
  • Added "Copy results" menu item to Analyzer
  • #2550 and #2551: Fix tab and focus handling
  • #2330: Added an option to toggle namespace sub-directory support in project export
  • Added ETW instrumentation to the decompiler for performance measurements
  • Added DecompilerTypeSystem.CreateAsync to allow asynchronous initialization
  • #2522: Support backticks in fully-qualified names when searching for type
  • #2520: The matched pairs are hardly visible in the dark theme
  • Add "Extract package entry" context menu entry for binaries inside bundles/packages
  • IL disassembly: Option to show raw offsets and instruction bytes
  • IL disassembly: Show header sizes

Bug fixes

  • Dirkster99/AvalonDock#324 Navigator window a11y fixes
  • #2579: Use "ILSpyInstance" mutex to wait until the first ILSpy instance is ready to receive WM_COPYDATA
  • #2615: Overflow check did not work reliably due to fp rounding error
  • #2612: Decompilation of newarr with int.MaxValue causes OOME
  • #2622: Fix crash in ExpressionBuilder when decompiling object initializer composed of readonly properties
  • #2533: Various bugfixes in pinned-region detection.
  • #2547 and #2495: Improved decompilation of VB.NET decimal constants.
  • #2544: Do not produce syntax errors with interpolated strings
  • #2545: LINQ does not support null-forgiving operator, suppress transform.
  • #2541: Add explicit unchecked() around non-constant cast of constant to nint
  • #2518: "Other resources" section in resource files was not properly displayed
  • #2534: Handle default implementations of properties and events in interfaces
  • #2458, #2459: Fixed various correctness issues in IL code generated by C++/CLI
  • #2530: Stability fixes in pattern matching detection
  • #2378: Stability fixes in deconstruction detection
  • #2379: This fixes an issue where return statements within try-blocks could turn into goto statements
  • #2052: BAML-to-XAML: Resolve namespaces of properties
  • #1858 and #2188: Improved decompilation of display-classes
  • #2424: Suppress the string==null special-case within the string class itself
  • #2092: aggressively inline code in compiler-generated lambdas and expression trees
  • And many other fixes, for a full list click here


  • Removed .NET Core 2.1 TFM, added .NET 6.0 TFM

Visual Studio AddIn


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