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Saferwall v0.3.0


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[0.3.0] - 14/04/2022


  • Add pre-commit-config.yaml.
  • Update packer/installer/protector sigs and file magic data.
  • Introduce new env variables in the UI k8s manifests.
  • Add antivirus detections to the list of tags.
  • Cleanup file that has not been accessed since a day from the nfs share.
  • Documenting saferwall architecture.
  • Saferwall sandbox microservice.


  • Change minio operator to the basic minio.
  • Move private go packages to internal/ directory.
  • Move helm chart from its own repo to main repo.
  • Numerous tolling updates: docker-compose, devContainers, and bumping go pkg dependencies.


  • Fix crash on webapis k8s manifest when generating the toml config.


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