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oletools v0.60.1


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2022-05-09 v0.60.1:
- olevba:
- fixed a bug when calling XLMMacroDeobfuscator (PR #737)
- removed keyword "sample" causing false positives
- oleid: fixed OleID init issue (issue #695, PR #696)
- oleobj:
- added simple detection of CVE-2021-40444 initial stage
- added detection for customUI onLoad
- improved handling of incorrect filenames in OLE package (PR #451)
- rtfobj: fixed code to find URLs in OLE2Link objects for Py3 (issue #692)
- ftguess:
- added PowerPoint and XPS formats (PR #716)
- fixed issue with XPS and malformed documents (issue #711)
- added XLSB format (issue #758)
- improved logging with common module log_helper (PR #449)

More details about fixed issues and improvements in 0.60: https://github.com/decalage2/oletools/milestone/10?closed=1


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