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Windows Package Manager 1.3.1251-preview


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This is the second development build after the Windows Package Manager 1.2 build for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11.

Experimental features are enabled in this release. This build will be released to Windows Insider Dev builds, and Windows Package Manager Insiders.


The most notable new experimental feature is support for installing portable applications.

Note: The upgrade and uninstall behaviors have not been implemented. The community repository does not accept portable applications either. Users may test with local manifests but will need to manually clean up entries in Windows Apps & Features if this is used to install a portable application.

The COM API has also been extended to support for uninstall.

Note: This is part of the work that is a prerequisite to having native PowerShell support. The cmdlets will be able to leverage the COM API to get rich objects out.

We've started working on an "In-proc" COM NuGet package that will be leveraged by Intune and other MDM solutions to support remote system context execution. This will not be considered GA and supported until it reaches version 1.0.


What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.3.431...v1.3.1251-preview


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