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Windows Package Manager 1.3.1611-preview


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This is the fourth development build after the Windows Package Manager 1.2 build for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11.

Experimental features are enabled in this release.

Support for installation of portable/standalone apps is now a stable feature in this preview.

Note: The Windows Package Manager Community Repository does not accept portable applications. They will not be accepted until after 1.3 is Generally Available and has been rolled out to the majority of Windows systems via the automatic upgrade from the Microsoft Store. Users may test with local manifests. You may need to manually clean up Windows Apps & Features if you install on the main OS rather than a Windows Sandbox.


Support for installation of portable/standalone apps #182
Add a notes/info field to manifests. #607
Add an optional URL to Expected Return Codes #1889
Manifest Field for User Manual / Documentation #1984
Add alternative version number field to manifest to make correlation with entries in Add/Remove programs more reliable #980


Searching for dotnet package #2218

What's Changed

  • Improve ARP matching heuristic by @lechacon in #2179
  • Improve error handling in correlation test script by @lechacon in #2206
  • Display ReturnResponseUrl if present by @ryfu-msft in #2210
  • Display InstallationNotes after a successful install by @ryfu-msft in #2211
  • Display documentations in show command by @ryfu-msft in #2212
  • Add missing localization error handling for root level localization info by @JohnMcPMS in #2220
  • Use AppsAndFeaturesEntries DisplayVersion info for installed package version mapping by @yao-msft in #2213
  • Indent documentations in 'show' command by @Trenly in #2234
  • Portable Support as Stable Feature by @ryfu-msft in #2233
  • Delete unneeded test code from libraries pulled as subtrees by @lechacon in #2232
  • Add simple stats to correlation result processing script by @lechacon in #2229

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.3.431...v.1.3.1611


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