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FLOSS v2.0.0


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This major update brings many new features and improvements. FLOSS now handles an additional string obfuscation technique that we call "tight strings". For details on tight strings and the additional changes please see our FLOSS Version 2.0 release blog post.

New Features

  • extract tight strings
  • library function recognition via FLIRT signatures
  • improved logging and results output
  • enhanced decoding and extraction of stackstrings and encoded strings
  • shortcut emulation if no results identified
  • reduce false positive strings output
  • load and render existing results document

Breaking Changes

  • simplified usage via improved command-line arguments
  • changed many internal functions and the FLOSS API
  • FLOSS supports Python 3 only now
  • all output is based on JSON results document now
  • revamped function identification mechanism and removed old plugin system
  • more and enhanced API emulation hooks

Other Updates

  • new logo and icon
  • updated CI to use GitHub Actions


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