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Windows Package Manager 1.3.2091


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This release represents our fourth Windows Package Manager 1.3 release candidate build for Windows 10 (1809+), and Windows 11.

This release addresses several bugs related to installing a portable package such as incorrectly displaying a file overwrite warning message, failing to create a symlink if developer mode is not enabled or not running in admin, and not preserving scope when upgrading.

Experimental features have been disabled in this release. We will follow this release with another Pre-release "developer" build at GitHub so users can continue with experimental features available.

Note: The Windows Package Manager Community Repository does not accept portable applications. They will not be accepted until after 1.3 is Generally Available and has been rolled out to the majority of Windows systems via the automatic upgrade from the Microsoft Store. Users may test with local manifests.


Support for installation of portable/standalone apps #182
Add a notes/info field to manifests. #607
Add an optional URL to Expected Return Codes #1889
Manifest Field for User Manual / Documentation #1984
Add alternative version number field to manifest to make correlation with entries in Add/Remove programs more reliable #980
Setting for always using verbose logs #1940
winget --info should print the system architecture #1925
An even better progress bar #2055


Remove scope filter from being applied to portables #2383
Check for symlink creation privilege for portable install #2369
Fix file overwrite warning displayed on clean first install #2375
Mitigate crash that can occur when installed version is null #2278
Searching for dotnet package #2218
Allow winget to install MS Store packages without account just like the MS Store #1585
--include-unknown not functioning as expected #1939
Includes a fix for an App Installer bug that was causing crashes due to null pointer reads

What's Changed

Full Changelog: release-v1.2.10271...release-v1.3.2091


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