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Windows Terminal Windows Terminal Preview v1.16.264


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Here on this day of September 2022, we've quashed a number of bugs in the 1.16 preview release and added some new features to boot.


  • Terminal now understands the sizes of characters newly-added in Unicode 15.0 (#14001)
  • We've added support for fractional font sizes (surprise! on a point release!) (#14013) (#14040)
    • If you're using the new text rendering engine plus the Terminus TTF font, you can now select a font size that perfectly matches a bitmap strike . . . and it works!

Bug Fixes

New Rendering Engine

  • Bitmap fonts should look much better now (#14014)
    • As a side effect, we are now intentionally ignoring the typographic line gap. We have found that monospaced terminal fonts have a line gap of zero, and the ones that don't should.
    • See above. Some bitmap fonts require fractional point sizes . . . so now you can see them in their full glory!
  • On devices that don't support Shader Model 4.0 but do support DirectX 10, we will no longer try to use the glyph atlas (#13994)
    • ... and if we did, we would no longer tell you about the error 10,000 times (#13995) (thanks to @Its-Nevmo and @noinkling for testing!)
  • No longer should there be streaks of cursor left all over the left side of the screen (#14038)
  • If you were to specify \e#3, we might have crashed before, but now we will not (#13966)
  • You can once again use shaders for experimental.pixelShaderPath that are not technically perfect (ones that compile wit warnings) (#13998) (thanks @mrange!)
  • Some text (especially that which requires fake italics) should now look less like a RaNsOm nOtE (#14039)
    • It might still look a little bit like a ransom note, sorry. Just less so.


  • Tabs should no longer take up to infinity seconds to close (#14041)
    • If you see any instances of OpenConsole.exe hanging around after you close a tab (or a whole Terminal), please let us know!
  • The "Open in Terminal ..." context menu item should now show up and disappear more reliably (#14048)


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