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UPX 3.91


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Please see the file NEWS for a detailed list of changes.

Note: all versions are functionally equivalent, i.e. each version can handle all executable formats, so you only need the file that runs on your host OS.

File Description / Host OS
upx-3.91-amd64_linux.tar.bz2 UPX - Linux version
upx-3.91-armeb_linux.tar.bz2 UPX - Linux version
upx-3.91-i386_linux.tar.bz2 UPX - Linux version
upx-3.91-mipsel_linux.tar.bz2 UPX - Linux version
upx-3.91-powerpc_linux.tar.bz2 UPX - Linux version
upx-3.91-src.tar.bz2 UPX - source code tarball
upx391a.zip UPX - Atari version
upx391d.zip UPX - DOS version
upx391w.zip UPX - Win32 version
upx391wce.zip UPX - WinCE/ARM version


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