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capa v5.0.0


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This capa version comes with major improvements and additions to better handle .NET binaries. To showcase this we've updated and added over 30 .NET rules.

Additionally, capa now caches its rule set for better performance. The capa explorer also caches its analysis results, so that multiple IDA Pro or plugin invocations don't need to repeat the same analysis.

We have removed the SMDA backend and changed the program return codes to be positive numbers.

Other improvements to highlight include better ELF OS detection, various rendering bug fixes, and enhancements to the feature extraction. We've also added support for Python 3.11.

Thanks for all the support, especially to @jsoref, @bkojusner, @edeca, @richardweiss80, @joren485, @ryantxu1, @mwilliams31, @anushkavirgaonkar, @MalwareMechanic, @Still34, @dzbeck, @johnk3r, and everyone else who submitted bugs and provided feedback!

New Features

Breaking Changes

New Rules (77)

Bug Fixes

capa explorer IDA Pro plugin

Raw diffs


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