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Saferwall v0.4.0


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[0.4.0] - 06/03/2023


  • Upload sandbox memdumps and screenshots thumbnails to obj storage #398.
  • Upload sandbox desktop screenshots to obj storage #397.
  • Sandbox agent health check + basic sysinfo and env data collection #395.
  • Push sandbox payload results to the aggregator #391.
  • MultiAV McAfee enable scan for potentially unwanted program #387.
  • Numerous updates to support different types of messages for the aggregator #383.
    • Add methods for the storage internal pkg to support bucket creation.
    • Generate thumbnails for the sandbox screenshots and add health checks for VMs.
    • Remove cluster-autoscaler form helm chart.
    • Add documentation with the communication format used between services.
  • Agent: collect screenshots and memdumps #380.
  • Guess file extension and include PE signature #379.
  • Curate PE scan results #378.
  • Add inlets-operator and metallb charts #376. inlets-operator has been deleted later, and metallb is installed separately from the chart dependencies.
  • Add kube-prometheus-stack CRDs and experiment with k3s for local dev.
  • Add workflow_dispatch for helm-release and release services job.


  • [helm] Remove elastic stack that was used for logging #404.
  • [helm] Do not include kube-prometheus-stack in main chart & remove elastic stack for logging #403.
  • Hosting documentation/blog website in cloudflare #402.
  • Set k8s version to the same as prod k8s version and update default user/password values in minio helm chart #392.
  • Change protobuf message scheme to support uploading object to s3 #383.
  • Bind k8s port forwarding services to
  • Bump wait-for and golang docker images.
  • Bump yara, helm, kuberneters, exiftool, kind, kubens/kubectx and kube-capacity.
  • Bump aws-efs-csi-driver, ingress-nginx, couchbase-operator and minio helm chart dependencies.


  • Use wine + loadlibrary to make windows defender works again thanks to prsyahmi #386.
  • MultiAV McAfee doesn't report other kind of malware besides trojan thanks to prsyahmi #387.
  • Do not set the file extension/format when it is now known #381.
  • MultiAV upgrade Avast to a newer major release.


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