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capa v5.1.0


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capa version 5.1.0 adds a Protocol Buffers (protobuf) format for result documents. Additionally, the Vector35 team contributed a new feature extractor using Binary Ninja. Other new features are a new CLI flag to override the detected operating system, functionality to read and render existing result documents, and a output color format that's easier to read.

Over 25 capa rules have been added and improved.

Thanks for all the support, especially to @xusheng6, @captainGeech42, @ggold7046, @manasghandat, @ooprathamm, @linpeiyu164, @yelhamer, @HongThatCong, @naikordian, @stevemk14ebr, @emtuls, @raymondlleong, @bkojusner, @joren485, and everyone else who submitted bugs and provided feedback!

New Features

New Rules (26)

Bug Fixes

  • extractor: removed '.dynsym' as the library name for ELF imports #1318 @stevemk14ebr
  • extractor: fix vivisect loop detection corner case #1310 @mr-tz
  • match: extend OS characteristic to match OS_ANY to all supported OSes #1324 @mike-hunhoff
  • extractor: fix IDA and vivisect string and bytes features overlap and tests #1327 #1336 @xusheng6

capa explorer IDA Pro plugin

Raw diffs


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