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HexFiend v2.17.0b1


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macOS 10.13 is now required due to Xcode 14.

  • Added uleb128 and sleb128 commands
  • Templates reload automatically when the templates directory is modified (thanks @tbartelmess)
  • Fix include command not working for builtin templates
  • Add error handling to section commands
  • Custom bytes grouping values are now capped and validated to prevent crashing

Templates now can have metadata in their header comment block, which powers these new features:

  • Auto-detection. Templates can store file type information (UTI, extension) which is used to choose the template. Details. Note that most builtin templates don't yet have this information set.
  • Hide templates. If a template file isn't actually a template, such as a utilities file, it can have metadata set to hide it. See the Utilities/General.tcl file as an example
  • Minimum version. Metadata can include the minimum version to exclude showing a template in the list if the app version is lower.

Documentation will be updated before the final release.


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