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capa v6.0.0a1


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capa v6.0 brings many bug fixes and quality improvements, including 64 rule updates and 26 new rules. We're now publishing to PyPI via Trusted Publishing and have migrated to using a pyproject.toml file. @Aayush-Goel-04 contributed a lot of new code across many files, so please welcome them to the project, along with @anders-v @crowface28 @dkelly2e @RonnieSalomonsen and @ejfocampo as first-time rule contributors!

For those that use capa as a library, we've introduced some limited breaking changes that better represent data types (versus less-structured data like dictionaries and strings). With the recent deprecation, we've also dropped support for Python 3.7.

New Features

Breaking Changes

New Rules (26)

Bug Fixes

  • extractor: add a Binary Ninja test that asserts its version #1487 @xusheng6
  • extractor: update Binary Ninja stack string detection after the new constant outlining feature #1473 @xusheng6
  • extractor: update vivisect Arch extraction #1334 @mr-tz
  • extractor: avoid Binary Ninja exception when analyzing certain files #1441 @xusheng6
  • symtab: fix struct.unpack() format for 64-bit ELF files @yelhamer
  • symtab: safeguard against ZeroDivisionError for files containing a symtab with a null entry size @yelhamer
  • improve ELF strtab and needed parsing @mr-tz
  • better handle exceptional cases when parsing ELF files #1458 @Aayush-Goel-04
  • improved testing coverage for Binary Ninja backend #1446 @Aayush-Goel-04
  • add logging and print redirect to tqdm for capa main #749 @Aayush-Goel-04
  • extractor: fix binja installation path detection does not work with Python 3.11
  • tests: refine the IDA test runner script #1513 @williballenthin
  • output: don't leave behind traces of progress bar @williballenthin
  • import-to-ida: fix bug introduced with JSON report changes in v5 #1584 @williballenthin
  • main: don't show spinner when emitting debug messages #1636 @williballenthin

capa explorer IDA Pro plugin


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