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ILSpy 8.1


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ILSpy 8.x is based on .NET 6.0 compared to .NET Framework 4.7.2 for the previous generations of ILSpy. All artifacts except the self-contained distribution are built framework-dependent, which means .NET 6.0.2 must be installed prior to starting ILSpy.

New Language Features

  • C# 11 checked operators
  • C# 11 unsigned right shift operator
  • C# 11 UTF8 string literals
  • C# 11 numeric IntPtr
  • C# 11 ref fields and scoped
  • mcs 2.6.4 pinned regions
  • Updated pattern-detection for Roslyn 4.6.0



  • Default update check for dotnet tool ilspycmd (#3035). Use --disable-updatecheck in automation scenarios.
  • VS 2022 extension ships with both x64 and ARM64 binaries (#3009)
  • Added ARM64 binaries and ARM64 installer downloads
  • WholeProjectDecompiler: Improve resources -> resx conversion
  • Improve decompilation of compound-assignments involving local variables
  • Refactor ILReader to support re-imports of basic blocks (#901)

Bug fixes

  • #2891: Populate framework_dirs with the correct values depending on the current host runtime.

And many other fixes, for a full list click here.


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