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FLOSS v3.0.0


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New Features

  • identification of programs written in Go, Rust, and .NET
  • extraction of strings embedded in Go programs
  • extraction of strings embedded in Rust programs

Other Updates

  • updates to the IDA plugin
  • upgraded minimum required Python version to 3.8
  • various bug fixes
  • various code quality improvements

Google Summer of Code 2023

@Arker123 contributed the majority of features and improvements during the Google Summer of Code working closely with the Mandiant FLARE team. We'd like to thank him for the great collaboration and discussions before, during, and after the twelve week program.


Thanks to all our contributors, including @symbolicvoid, @DiegoRomeo, @sara-rn and especially @Arker123

Full Changelog: v2.3.0...v3.0.0


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