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capa v7.0.0


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This is the v7.0.0 release of capa which was mainly worked on during the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2023. A huge
shoutout to our GSoC contributors @colton-gabertan and @yelhamer for their amazing work.

Also, a big thanks to the other contributors: @aaronatp, @Aayush-Goel-04, @bkojusner, @doomedraven, @ruppde, @larchchen, @JCoonradt, and @xusheng6.

New Features

Breaking Changes

New Rules (41)

Bug Fixes

capa explorer IDA Pro plugin

  • various integration updates and minor bug fixes


Developer Notes

With this new release, many classes and concepts have been split up into static (mostly identical to the
prior implementations) and dynamic ones. For example, the legacy FeatureExtractor class has been renamed to
StaticFeatureExtractor and the DynamicFeatureExtractor has been added.

Starting from version 7.0, we have moved the component responsible for feature extractor from main to a new
capabilities' module. Now, users wishing to utilize capa’s feature extraction abilities should use that module instead
of importing the relevant logic from the main file.

For sandbox-based feature extractors, we are using Pydantic models. Contributions of more models for other sandboxes
are very welcome!

With this release we've reorganized the logic found in main() to localize logic and ease readability and ease changes
and integrations. The new "main routines" are expected to be used only within main functions, either capa main or
related scripts. These functions should not be invoked from library code.

Beyond copying code around, we've refined the handling of the input file/format/backend. The logic for picking the
format and backend is more consistent. We've documented that the input file is not necessarily the sample itself
(cape/freeze/etc.) inputs are not actually the sample.

Raw diffs


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