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Windows Terminal Windows Terminal Preview v1.21.1382.0


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Sorry for the late servicing release, folks! This has been rolling out through the various channels for a while now.

Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved a crash that occurred if you closed a pane too soon after opening it (#17199)
  • We will no longer crash if you zoom in too much; we will in fact put a stop to such behavior (or I will turn this car around!) (#17258)
  • Terminal will no longer try to remember tabs even after you tell it not to (#17211)
  • Terminal will now remember tabs that came in through "default terminal" (#17268)
  • Output containing OSC sequences is once again outputted (#17212)
  • Assistive tech like screen readers and Inspect will no longer fail to find your location if you keep the cursor moving (#17257)
  • Tearing the last tab out of a window with Narrator running will no longer send terminal to an early doom (#17251) (thanks @tusharsnx!)
  • We've tried to make it clearer when and when-not Built-in Glyphs will be (or not be) used (#17259) (#17272) (thanks @consvc!)
  • Experimental "menu completion" for PowerShell will no longer crash you if you open it a bunch of times (#17221) (thanks @krzysdz!)
  • The very same menu completion now has fewer WaCkY aNiMaTiOnS (#17247)

Binary files inside the unpackaged distribution archive bear the version number 1.21.240517002-preview.

Asset Hashes

  • Microsoft.WindowsTerminalPreview_1.21.1382.0_8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle
    • SHA256 905C706B9C6AAFDEE4012BA69ADBB6A3059C2B981B3D6C3CE9410DC99F3B00C9
  • Microsoft.WindowsTerminalPreview_1.21.1382.0_arm64.zip
    • SHA256 618DE4ED2F8E7CFE999F19414DF7B3AF384DF083BDE762861CEA275F27578154
  • Microsoft.WindowsTerminalPreview_1.21.1382.0_x64.zip
    • SHA256 AABB7D3EB8B499065D14009A37AC9DB07CA28B8C93755977DC7080A009140A7D
  • Microsoft.WindowsTerminalPreview_1.21.1382.0_x86.zip
    • SHA256 8E3A4C0981F0A9F92836BF42C85952A11AE570C1E64B1DA1B8B731AB9F572A55


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