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Happy First Birthday IntelOwl

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Happy 1st Birthday IntelOwl! The gift is a new major release ­čÜÇ


  • moved docker and docker-compose files under docker/ folder.
  • users upgrading from previous versions need to manually move env_file_app, env_file_postgres and env_file_integrations files under docker/.
  • users are to use the new start.py method to build or start IntelOwl containers
  • moved the following analyzers together in a specific optional docker container named static_analyzers.

Please see docs to understand how to enable these optional analyzers


FIXES/IMPROVEMENTS/Dependency upgrades:

  • upgraded main Dockerfile to python 3.8
  • added support for the generic observable type. In this way it is possible to build analyzers that can analyze everything and not only IPs, domains, URLs or hashes
  • added Multi-queue option to optimize usage of Celery queues. This is intended for advanced users.
  • updated GUI to new IntelOwl-ng version
  • upgraded Speakeasy, Quark-Engine and Dnstwist analyzers to last versions
  • moved from Travis CI to Github CI
  • added CodeCov coverage support (so we will be improving the test coverage shortly)
  • moved PEFile library pointer to a forked pip repo that contains some fixes.
  • fix to log directiories that could result in some optional analyzers to break
  • added milliseconds to logs


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