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Windows Terminal v1.5.10271.0


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This release brings all of the preview changes in Windows Terminal 1.5 to the stable channel. Notable changes include:

  • Support for automatic detection of URLs
  • A tab switching UI that supports in-order navigation and most recently used navigation.

Please see the following release notes for additional details:

A preinstallation kit is available for system integrators and OEMs interested in prepackaging Windows Terminal with a Windows image. More information is available in the DISM documentation on preinstallation. Users who do not intend to preinstall Windows Terminal should continue using the msixbundle distribution.

We've also backported the following changes and bug fixes from Windows Terminal Preview v1.6.10272.0:


  • We're finally on Microsoft.UI.Xaml 2.5.0, not a prerelease! (#8500)
  • Our annoying "keyboard/handwriting service" dialog is now a slightly less annoying info bar (#8524)
  • The "Open Windows Terminal here" menu item will now (finally!) show up inside directories (thanks @hereafter!) (#8638)
  • You can now drag/drop more types of things on Terminal: files, links, weird VS Code tab items (?) (thanks @skyline75489!) (#8461)
  • We've updated the iconography in the menus to better match its purpose (thanks @hegenumo!) (#8424)

Bug Fixes


  • Terminal now tries harder to scroll tabs into view when you navigate (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8832)
  • Right-click paste now clears any active selection (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8742)
  • Pastes containing \n are now properly normalized to \r (#8634)
  • The buttons in the title bar have been cajoled into being the right colors when the app theme doesn't match the system theme (thanks @satken2!) (#8649)
  • The initialRows/initialCols settings should work more reliably in the presence of padding (thanks @hegenumo!) (#8584)
    • (Are we bad at math? You'd never be able to tell after this pull request!)
  • Commandline arguments to wt that conflict with wt new-tab should now be detected properly (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8315)
  • The tab close button now matches the tab text when you override the tab color (whoops) (thank #dcheatha!) (#8209)
  • There were apparently still ways to make the terminal window too small. NO LONGER! (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8066)
  • The profile menu and command palette will now prefer your shortcut keys over the inbuilt ones (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8725)


  • It turns out that we had the modifier key encodings wrong for VT mouse mode for, like, four years. Now they're right (#8379)


  • Terminal no longer leaks pty process handles when you close tabs (thanks to @vefatica for discovering this!) (#8707)
  • There was a race condition in pane animation that broke pane sizes. The race has been cancelled (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8241)
  • There was also an access violation in animated pane closure, which has also been cancelled (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8218)
  • @j4james fixed an out-of-bounds exceptions in Set...{Buffer,Screen}Size (thanks!) (#8309)

WPF Control

  • The WPF control now better validates its size during resize operations (#8792)


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