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Windows Terminal Preview v1.5.3242.0


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This is a quick servicing release to address a couple annoying issues in the 1.5 preview release.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • We reverted the tab switcher to in-order, but visible, by default, because we changed your defaults on you so that tab switching was both enabled and in most-recently-used order. I'm sorry about that. (#8326)
    • To turn the switcher back to MRU order, add the global setting "tabSwitcherMode": "mru".
  • We'd previously said the default value for backgroundImageStretch was uniformToFill, but it was actually fill. We've updated the code to make it uniformToFill. (#8280)
  • The tab switcher used to occasionally eat custom key bindings and break, but @Don-Vito came through and helped it not do that. Thanks! (#8250)
  • We accidentally left pane animations enabled sometimes, so we've gone and let you disable them for real (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8237)
  • Our schema document was super busted because of a stray comma, but @slopra came through and fixed it. Thanks! (#8257)
  • The [x] button and mouse-based text selection were horked in the command palette. Now they are not. (thanks @bhaskarshankarling!) (#8279)


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