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Windows Terminal Preview v1.4.2652.0


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This is the latest preview release of Windows Terminal!


  • Jumplist support has finally landed! (#7515)
  • Applications can now generate hyperlinks that you'll actually be able to click on! (#7251) (#7420) (#7523) (#7608)
    • This is NOT the same thing as automatic hyperlink detection! We're still working on that one, and didn't want to ship it until it was darn good and ready.


  • Windows Terminal 1.4 ships with an updated version of Cascadia Code with support for the Salishan languages of the Pacific Northwest
    • Cascadia Code 2009.21 is not currently available outside of Terminal because of some cross-platform font rendering troubles
  • We made some behind-the-scenes changes to settings handling in support of our eventual Settings UI (#7283) (#7349) (#7457) (#7576) (#7537)
  • The Azure Cloud Shell profile no longer defaults to having acrylic enabled (thanks @KnapSac!) (#7573)
  • We now have support for fancy blinking text (SGR 5) for those of you who are just super excited about BBSes (thanks @j4james!) (#7490)

VT Support

  • We now support DECSCUSR with the parameter value 0 (\e[0 q) to restore your cursor to the profile's default (thanks @skyline75489!) (#7379)
  • C1 control characters, which aren't really UTF-8-clean, are now better-supported (see below for attribution)
  • Terminal will now ignore SOS, APC and PM sequences that it does not understand (which is all of them) (thanks @skyline75489!) (#7340)

Bug Fixes

Console Basics

  • We fixed that weird issue where Vim would occasionally start in REPLACE mode by moving all DSR responses to the tail of the input queue instead of the head (#7583)
  • Calling FillConsoleOutputCharacterA with an invalid character in codepage 50220 should now return the right error status more often than not (#7391)


  • Degenerate ranges should stay degenerate, even when they're moved (thanks @codeofdusk!) (#7530)


  • Selecting an out-of-bounds text range through Narrator or NVDA should no longer take Terminal to a nice quiet farm upstate (thanks @codeofdusk!) (#7504)
  • An occasional deadlock on shutdown has been unlocked, and shutdown should proceed as planned (#7575)


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