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Windows Terminal Preview v1.7.572.0


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  • Terminal now supports single-instancing and remote control!
    • You can configure whether new instances of Terminal launch in a new window (#9118)
      • For now, the default is to launch in a new window. Available options include launching in "a new window", "a window on the same desktop", "any existing window", "a totally random window"
        • I regret to inform you that the last option was a joke.
    • The newWindow action (bound to Ctrl+Shift+N by default) will create a new window (#9208)
    • wt can now run commands in any window that already exists with wt -w # (#8898)
      • You can specify wt -w -1 to force the creation of a new window even if you've disabled it with the Windowing Behaviors
      • Specifying a window that does not exist (wt -w 1048576) will result in a new window being created with that ID (!)
    • Windows that are activated through remote control will be pulled to the foreground (#9137)
  • The Settings UI, first released in 1.6 preview, is now the default settings experience (#9224)
    • The settings UI has been disabled in the stable release to give us more time to iterate on it.
  • Terminal now supports focus-follows-mouse mode among panes for that authentic X11 feeling (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8965) (#9198)
  • You can now mark a pane as read-only—it can't be closed and will warn you if you type into it (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8867) (#9107)
  • You can now bind the findNext and findPrev actions to move to the previous/next search (respectively) (thanks @Hegunumo!) (#8917)
  • There is a new global setting, centerOnLaunch (boolean, default false) that determines pretty much what it says on the tin (#9036)
  • We now have support for loading profiles and color schemes from auxiliary fragments provided by applications. See the fragment extension documentation for more details! (#7632)


  • This version of Terminal comes with Cascadia Code 2102.25, which contains a number of bug fixes to the 2102.03 release.
  • You can now suppress that somewhat annoying "Touch Keyboard and Dialogs That Stop Me From Doing My Job" service warning with the inputServiceWarning global settings (boolean; default true) (thanks @WVVxm!) (#9015)
  • The tab bell icon will now show up even when visual belling is disabled (#9212)
  • The zoom, bell, read-only and progress indicators will now show up in the tab switcher (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9041) (#9076)
  • A number of keys that did not properly report their Ctrl status now do so (thanks @lhecker!) (#8870)
  • Leonard's fixed Ctrl+Alt+2 to properly send ^[^@ (thanks @lhecker!) (#5272)
  • We've refactored how terminal settings propagate from your profile to a terminal, so please report any issues where your settings are lost/ignored/flicker/etc. (#8602)
  • URLs under the file scheme are no longer considered invalid (#7526)

Settings UI

  • Overridden settings will now present a "revert" arrow that lets you clear the overriding value (#8919) (#9079)
  • You can now typeahead search in combo boxes (#9206)
  • The color schemes page has received a huge redesign (thanks @Chips1234, @mdtauk, @carlos-zamora!) (#9196)
  • We've added a simple read-only page to the Settings that shows your key bindings (#9253)

VT Support

  • Terminal now supports "bracketed paste" mode (DECSET 2004) and will filter out all control characters even during non-bracketed ("plebian") paste (thanks @skyline75489!) (#9034)
  • We now support XTPUSHSGR and XTPOPSGR, sequences which will manipulate a 10-deep "SGR stack" (thanks @jazzdelightsme!) (#1978)
    • XTPUSH/POPSGR are intended to allow applications to better coordinate their colors. Instead of resetting to the default colors at the end of a run, an
      enlightened application can push a "stack frame" before it changes the colors, change them, then pop that frame when it is done.
    • This sequence first became available in xterm-334.
  • You can now "chain" OSC 10, 11 and 12 color changes (thanks @skyline75489!) (#8999)

Bug Fixes

  • You can now navigate the tab color picker with the directional arrows (thanks @BenConstable9!) (#9144)
  • We will try not to dismiss the selection when you're using a Windows-key shortcut (thanks @imaginary-person!) (#9163)
  • We've ensured that hyperlinks de-underline when the pointer leaves the terminal (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9195)
  • The arrow keys should work in the tab switcher once more (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9140)
  • The build system was leaving a stray 600kb file in our package, which we've now removed (making the package smaller!) (#9153)
  • Focus should now return to the terminal after you dismiss the tab rename field (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9162)


  • Narrator will no longer repeat the key binding twice when reading the command palette (#9234)
  • Command palette items that open submenus now have an audible "help text" that mentions this fact (#9271)
  • 1.6 preview totally broke the command palette being read by Narrator; that is now fixed! (#9143)
  • 1.6 preview regressed tab headers being read by Narrator; this is also now fixed! (#9258)

Performance and Reliability

  • We've further reduced the memory usage of the console host backing each terminal tab (#8621)


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